Fallow Hunt

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Our fallow hunts take place in mostly forest & arable land with small areas of mountain. Fallow Deer 1 They are more based on hunting rather than trophy as there is not an abundance of representative bucks in Ireland but nevertheless they are there.

Fallow deer are very curious and if you are spotted and they flee, most of the time they will stop to look and make sure you are still there. The woodsmen in Ireland say that they have often noticed fallow deer coming to check out the sound of their chainsaws and other activity.Throughout the rut, the fallow buck can be heard bellowing usually among the thicket of trees where he travels from stand to stand checking for his does. There is something eerie about the bellow of a buck.

These hunts are a mixture of stalking and high seat but are pretty much up to the hunter and Fallow Deer 2 based on their ability to walk, they can be swapped around between the morning and evening hunt. We put absolutely no pressure on our clients as we understand you are here to hunt but also to have a good time, we would like to be remembered as the operator that you had a few shots with, a craic and a Guinness.

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