Pigeon Shooting

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The majority of our pigeon shooting is over cereal crop or rapeseed and at times the skies can be grey with pigeon. Wood Pigeon 1 As like any shooting it can change from day to day, they can be in an area one day and not the next or vice-versa. If you are lucky enough to hit on them in their massive numbers you will have a shoulder the same colour as a pigeon that evening.There is always something happening and always a few birds to be found somewhere.

A lot of the time where there is big numbers of pigeon, there is even bigger numbers of crows and these can make the shooting just as exciting as pigeon. If the circumstances are right, there can be big bags expected at the end of your hunt and it is really enjoyable shooting for all types, – woman, man, novice and expert – everybody should enjoy it and have some fun.

Wood Pigeon 2 On arrival hides will be in place, decoys and spinners laid out that morning and where at all possible you will be put into your own hide with everything set up, cartridges handed to you and all is left for you to do now is to shoot – oh, and load the gun.

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