Sika Hunt

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Our sika hunts take place on a mixture of mountain, forest & arable land. A sika deer by nature is a very shy and allusive creature explaining why the stag is called ‘The Black Phantom’. Sika Deer 1 This therefore makes for a very challenging and exciting hunt. They are very alert and are always on the look-out and there always seems to be one that you don’t want between you and your quarry so it takes a special kind of stalker to always get the chosen one.

During the rut, the three distinctive whistles of the stags can be heard throughout the valleys and on a misty, murky morning it can make the hair stand on your back. Our hunts are generally mixed between stalking and high seat. These can be swapped around between the morning and evening hunt but is very much based on what the hunter desires. Even though they are not a very large deer, they are still very tough so accurate bullet placement is essential.

We find the best calibre to do the job is the .270. Sika Deer 2 At the end of the day it is also a holiday as well as a hunt so we put absolutely no pressure on our clients as it is not always easy to stalk an animal that you are not used to. All said and done everybody gets some shots and more importantly has a craic and a few pints of Guinness.

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