Wood Pigeon

The wood pigeon is the most common, largest and widespread pigeon in Ireland.Wood Pigeon 1 It is easily recognised by its large body and smallish head as well as its soft grey feathers and unmistakable cooing noise. Large flocks feed together on roadsides, in fields and roost in the woods.

They feed almost anywhere in the country, especially in fields with crops in them. The wood pigeon is a vegetarian, which means it doesn’t eat the meat of other animals and all its food is based on plants, seeds and grain.

The breeding season for wood pigeon is April through June. Wood Pigeon 2 The clutches normally consist of 2 eggs and there is usually 1-2 clutches depending on weather. The incubation period is approximately 17 days, after hatching the squabs remain in the nest for 32-34 days. 92% of the squab’s diet is crop milk, this comes from both parents and this decreases as the squab develops. After leaving the nest, the young are capable of reproducing after they are six months old.

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